Proper Ettiquette on the Trail


Remember to hike single-file when with a group.

Common sense seems like a typical response to how to behave on the trail, but you’d be surprised how many have no clue. My friends over at Modern Hiker kindly put together a few tips that everyone should consider while adventuring outdoors.

(Read the full article on REI’s blog. Bullet points below are quoted from the article.)

Hikers vs. Hikers

  • Hikers going uphill have the right of way. This is because hikers heading up an incline often have a smaller field of vision and may also be in that “hiking rhythm” zone and not in the mood to break their pace.
  • If you’re about to pass another hiker from behind, announce your presence, even with a simple “hello”.
  • When passing, always stay on the trail to reduce erosion.
  • In group hiking, always hike single-file, never taking up more than half the trail space, and stay on the trail itself. Over time, those off-trail boot prints can badly erode switchbacks and destroy drainage diversions.
  • When a group meets a single hiker, it’s preferable for the single hiker to yield and step safely to the side.

Hikers vs. Bikers

  • Bikers are generally expected to yield to hikers on the trail, though it’s usually easier for hikers to yield the right of way—especially if a mountain biker is huffing and puffing up a tough incline.
  • Bikers should never expect a hiker to yield.
  • Bikers should call out as they come down steep slopes or blind switchbacks, and should also let hikers know if there are other bikers following them.
  • Hikers should also be aware of their surroundings on shared trails, particularly with mountain bikes quickly coming around any bend.

Synopsis of Summer: Splendid



With one of the hottest summers on record, I found myself extra incentivized to find ways to cool down and enjoy outdoor time. Hiking is a standard practice for me, but I also expanded my horizons and added mountain biking (a first!), stand up paddleboarding and a Wildlife Safari to my summertime activity.

Write ups are still in the works for some of these adventures, so in the meantime, enjoy this little gallery of my hiking, biking, and paddling over the past three months.