Cannon Beach: A Whale Watching Attempt


As I mentioned in my “Hello, Spring” post, the last week of March means whale migration and a chance to see some of the ocean’s most magnificent creatures heading north for the summer. I’ll cut to the chase: no whale photos. My friends and I saw an occasional breath on the horizon, and one swears to have seen a whale’s back, but the real gold of the day was exploring Cannon Beach, Hug Point and Ecola State Park.

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Hello, Spring!


It’s the first day of Spring, and I’m delighted to say it actually feels like it here in Portland. The plants are budding, the skies are (thinking) about parting, and the temperature is slowly, but surely rising. This time of year, I’m compelled to start migrating from my snowboard to my hiking poles and enjoy some of my favorite Spring things. Continue reading