Orange Balsamic Beet Salad


Yes, even in winter there is the possibility of a bright, spring-like salad. During a recent discovery of Buyers’ Best Friend, I walked away with some basil infused olive oil and orange balsamic vinegar and have been eager to test them out.

I boiled and skinned the beets, then marinated them overnight in the basil olive oil (2 tbs), orange balsamic vinegar (1 1/4 tbs), honey (1 tsp) and basil leaves. The beets soaked up the sauce beautifully, which means I really should have brought some extra olive oil with me for lunch.

Salad tidbits

Curly kale
Sunflower seeds
Mandarin oranges
Cherry tomatoes


3 thoughts on “Orange Balsamic Beet Salad

    • allisonkpark

      Thanks! So easy and yes, very fresh and tasty. You don’t even need to marinate the beets overnight if you don’t have time. Just make sure to have a little extra dressing to massage into the kale!


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