Find Your Inner van Gogh


I would classify myself as a creative person. Not only do I make jewelry, but I also craft greeting cards, sing, and have been known to dabble in some fabulous iPhone photography. Painting and drawing, however, are not some of my strong suits… until now.

The Portland Art Museum in all her glory.

The Portland Art Museum in all her glory.

Last January, I joined the Portland Art Museum’s Young Patrons Society for my first instructional painting class. Painting the Portland Art Museum felt like an incredibly daunting effort (so many lines and architectural details!), but thanks to the Vine Gogh class instructor, Jenny, I not only completed the assignment, I was so proud of the final product! I felt ready to take on another project, so I stalked the Vine Gogh’s calendar for upcoming classes, and landed on the Multnomah Falls class.

Here’s how it works: $30 gets you the canvas, paint, brushes, and instruction, plus access to the delightful $3 mimosas and glasses of wine (perhaps necessary for the reluctant artists out there). For an additional $35, you can have a wood frame added to your masterpiece. The classes always start with the final product at the front of the room – intimidating, yet inspiring to see what you will ultimately accomplish.

The Challenge: Multnomah Falls

The Challenge: Multnomah Falls

2013-05-05 11.48.19

Yes, it looks like a 5th grader was painting. It gets better, I promise.

Oh, some texture! Are those rocks and a treeline I see?

Oh, some texture! Are those rocks and a treeline I see?

I was so proud of my landscape painting skills! From blank canvas, to unidentifiable outlines, to an iconic landmark, my painting progressed to one of my favorite creations.

2013-05-05 13.47.45

The final beautiful product!

This is a great activity to do by yourself, with friends, or even for date night (where you both create half of a whole product – perfect if you cohabitate with your partner). Check out Vine Gogh’s calendar and sign up for a session in advance; these classes fill up quickly!


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