Indulge at Sparrow Cafe


Oh, Haight-Asbury, the great joys you bring to my senses. From vintage shops to naked men wearing nothing but gold sequent socks (and not on their feet), to an impressive array of food options, you never disappoint me.

During my recent Christmas trip to San Fran, my mom and I ventured to the Haight for some shopping and brunching. First stop was to Buyer’s Best Friend – an incredible foodie market which left my taste buds dancing with delight. If you have the chance to stop by their store, make sure to sample, well, everything. I walked away with some amazing basil olive oil, jalapeño garlic olive oil, orange blossom balsamic vinegar and the most amazing kale chips of all time. After multiple samplings, we were told to go visit Brendan at the Sparrow Bar and Kitchen, and he would make sure we had a delicious lunch. And so begins our lunching tale.

A delicious and extensive menu serving vegetarians and meat lovers alike.

A delicious and extensive menu serving vegetarians and meat lovers alike.

The Sparrow Bar and Kitchen is nestled in among the Haight chaos, and just waiting to share its savory meals with the masses. We enjoyed a beautiful outdoor seating area, complete with the necessary outdoor heaters, and contemplated long and hard which menu items to choose. Fried chicken and buttermilk waffle, Butter roasted oyster mushroom sandwich, quinoa cake, Fontina and blackberry basil smash grilled cheese sandwich… how are two girls to choose?

The fried cauliflower side caught my eye, but the grilled kale salad won my heart, then I thought, “Why can’t I have both?” Brendan was struck when I asked him to add the fried cauliflower to the salad (as was the kitchen), but the ultimate result was beyond amazing. The goat cheese had melted under the cauliflower’s heat, the pomegranates gave a tangy punch, and the roasted butternut squash, kale and quinoa melded together to create the perfect healthy and satisfying lunch. Our neighbors asked what I ordered, regretting that they had not asked for the cauliflower as well, and Brendan insisted that was exactly what he was eating as soon as his shift ended.

I expect to receive full credit when Sparrow decides to amend their kale salad recipe to include fried cauliflower. Brilliant, I tell you. Brilliant.


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